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Check out our game suggestions and painting templates. Have fun making your own books (instructions can be found below)!
Game suggestions are currently only available in German.


Moving and Playing

Author: Elisabeth Jäcklein-Kreis

(This book is currently only available in german.)

Coloring templates

Illustrator: Ann Cathrin Raab

Let out your anger on the Corona viruses! Draw how you’re in a good mood or the animals dancing on the empty streets! These colouring sheets are good for small and big children alike.

Halloween Ausmalbild

Coloring Halloween

Illustrator: Ann Cathrin Raab

Color all the monsters, ghosts and Coronas!

Coloring templates

Instructions for printable files:

  1. Print out all pages in A4 and fold them along the middle (except for the title page) so that both the image and text are facing in. Once folded, glue or staple together.
  2. Fold the title page (first printout) so that the images and text are facing out. Then glue onto the front of your book pages, turn over, fold over and glue onto the back.
  3. Done!
Anleitung zum Ausdrucken