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Translators needed for Corona children‘s books

HopeLit is for everyone – that’s why we want to offer our stories in as many languages as possible! Are you a translator or native speaker of a language other than German? Then you are just the right person to make our stories, poems and information available for as many people as possible! We would be very happy if you would help us make our stories available to children and adults who are not native speakers in Germany or who live in other countries.

Translating for HopeLit – here’s how:

Choose one or more texts from our categories „Stories for Children“ or „Everything for Adults“  and write to which text(s) you would like to translate into which language(s). Our translation guide Anja will then explain everything else to you.

Other ways to help us:

Because we want our dandelion seedheads to fly far and wide, we have created a Poster. You can print it out and hang it up where others might notice us.

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We at HopeLit are all volunteers.

If you publish a copyright relevant contribution on our website, you transfer to us the simple rights of use and, should you sell your work or rights to others, such as a publisher, you agree to donate at least 20% of your first fee to us. We will use this money fort he sole purpose of paying for things we can’t do on a voluntary basis as well as building up reserves. Everything we earn on top oft hat will be donated for a good cause.