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Here you find videos of children’s books that have been published by the publishers MONTEROSA and BALANCE book + media.

Our videos are currently only available in german.


Ava en Frans

Author: Claudia Gliemann, Illustrator: Melanie Austermann, Translator: Jacques Ruijgers, Speaker: Jamie Santpoort

Niet naar buiten mogen, geen contacten, afgesloten speeltuinen. Met wie moet je nu spelen? Met degenen die thuis zijn: mama, papa. De hond. De poes. En natuurlijk met je broertjes en zusjes.

Vanaf 3 jaar.

Monterosa Verlag

We are friends

Author: Claudia Gliemann, Illustrator: Michael Renouf

Friends are alike – or different. They make mistakes, argue and make up. There are many friends, yet no two are the same. How many friends do you need anyway?

Kinderbuchvideo: »Wir Freunde« – Ein Hopelit-Projekt

Without Grandma

Author: Claudia Gliemann, Illustrator: Patrick Trischler

In the past, when grandma was still there, we went to the zoo and read bedtime stories. But as she got older, she became weaker and weaker and was no longer able to do all those things. And then? What happened next? What do I feel? What am I allowed to feel? Through its simple illustrations, „Without Grandma“ leaves a lot of room for your own imagination and feelings.

Kinderbuchvideo: »Ohne Oma« - Ein HopeLit Projekt

BALANCE buch + medien verlag

Courage Robbers - Hugo and Zugo conquer their fear

Author: Johannes Traub, Wiebke Alphei, Illustrator: Suse Schweizer

For whom could fear be more troublesome than for a little robber? Zugo is afraid of the dark path behind the robbers’ den, of spiders and foxes, and especially of Bellow and Roar, the nasty robber twins. Hugo is not afraid, but does not know how to become brave. An exciting children’s book about two robber children who want to know how to be brave. Children learn in a playful way how to face their moments of fear and how to overcome them.

With a very special thanks to Eleni Alphei for narrating!

#familienprogramm: Muträuber – Hugo und Zugo besiegen die Angst

Sensitive Lars - A Story about High Sensitivity

Author: Hannah-Marie Heine, Illustrator: Heribert Schulmeyer

Where does the moon go when you can’t see it anymore? Why does Klara look so serious? Lars is sensitive, he perceives a lot of things and thinks many clever thoughts. Sometimes he sees, hears, smells and senses so much at once that he feels quite uncomfortable. For example, when it’s particularly noisy in the kindergarten or the finger paints stick to his hands. Why is he like that?

This insightfully illustrated children‘s book shows how it feels to be highly sensitive and gives suggestions on how to deal with it.

Kinderbuchvideo: »Tausendfühler Lars. Eine Geschichte über Hochsensibilität« - Ein HopeLit Projekt

Mika, Ida and the Donkeyspook - A Story about a Rainbow Family

Author: Miriam Lindner, Illustrator: Heribert Schulmeyer

Parents are all the same …?

Even on a farm you can argue about it: Are a father and a child already a family? Or can two mothers and a boy also be a family? What is normal for Mika seems quite strange to Ida. But the donkey spook they experience together unites them, as does the amazement of their parents at a bit of adventure dust. In that parents are all the same after all.

Finally, a children‘s book that illustrates the diversity of family constellations and is a great help for parents and pedagogues. The main point of this book: family is defined by the feeling of belonging together, not by the composition of its individual members.

Kinderbuchvideo: »Mika, Ida und der Eselschreck. Eine Geschichte über eine Regenbogenfamilie«


My Monster Self - Little Everyday-Horrors

Author: Catarina Knüvener, Illustrators: Elias, Laurin and Claudius Knüvener

The little monsters are everywhere! The Big Hunger, the Bad Mood, the Schadenfreude, the Rage … We encounter them every day and have to learn how to tame them. The little tricks in this book help both small and big monster tamers.

The monsters in this books symbolize feelings or situations that children go through without being able to name them. Here they learn more about the monsters in a playful and humorous way, and get tips on how to tame them. With coloring pages where children can put a face to their own monsters. For children ages 5 and up. The video only shows an excerpt of the book.

Kinderbuchvideo: »Mein Monster-Ich« – Ein HopeLit-Projekt