What is HopeLit?

HopeLit is fun.

For us, and hopefully for you too! The HopeLit initiative was launched to help people cope better with the prevailing Covid-19 situation and everything related to it. 

This is why we examine the topic of coronavirus in a special way, from many different angles.

  • What is it like for artists when they are no longer allowed to work?
  • What is it like for their children?
  • How does it feel when your existence is threatened?
  • How do children feel when they are no longer allowed to visit their grandparents?
  • What is coronavirus?

In attempting to provide answers to these and many other questions, over the past year we have developed an impressive 22 picture books relating to coronavirus for children and adults, with some now also being translated into other languages. 

All of our stories have been reviewed by psychologists to ensure that they are appropriate for dealing with crisis situations. This was very important to us. 

You can print out our books at home and stick them together into a booklet following the instructions given.

What is available at HopeLit?

Some stories are illustrated, others you can design yourself. With our help you can create your own little HopeLit library. All you need is a computer, Internet access and a printer. Or simply read the stories directly from your computer screen.

Our texts are also suitable for educational facilities. They are written in simple language and are designed for children of different ages, which means you can work easily with the texts and on an age-appropriate basis. 

On our website we also have videos of children’s books that you can listen to from the comfort of your sofa or bed.

We have materials in our program to counteract boredom. Games for indoors and ideas for outdoors – all socially distanced, of course!

Our blog contains regular updates on what’s new at HopeLit, positive things that are happening in the world and what HopeLit will have for you in the future.

Everyone who is involved with HopeLit works on a voluntary basis.

This was another thing that was important to us. There’s a proverb that goes, “A joy shared is a joy doubled. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.” Those of us who work for HopeLit have experienced this first-hand, because we too are enduring the restrictions and suffering the effects of the pandemic. HopeLit has provided hope for us too. Hope in the form of literature and stories relating to coronavirus.

Our goal is to give people hope and provide variety and joy in this currently chaotic world that is difficult for children in particular to understand.