Jul 11, 2021 | Timeline

March 2020

  • Claudia Gliemann, Karlsruhe based authoress and owner of MONTEROSA publishing, calls upon others from the publishing industry to join her in founding an internet platform which provides content in the form of digital books free of charge for children and adults.
  • A lot of people join in. Amongst them illustrators, editors, marketing specialists, producers, translators and many others more. A law firm joins in, too.
  • The first digital meeting is held.
  • A name is found: Hopelit (= giving hope in the form of literature).

April 2020

  • Our logo is ready: A sun with a dandelion seed.
  • We have found someone to create our website.
  • The first texts are being written, edited and illustrated

May 2020

  • HopeLit goes online!!!
    In 58 days 30 HopeLits created 21 texts and compiled useful information on the Corona virus and great things from others.

October 2020

  • We are on Facebook and Instagram!

November 2020

  • Our first advent calenders are ready. One for children and one for adults.

End of 2020

  • Various other websites and platforms have installed links to hopelit.de

July 2021

  • Our website is available in English and with books in various languages.
  • The first HopeLit-text (Daddy Elephant – Is ist still far?) is being published by MONTEROSA (www.monterosa-verlag.de) as a REAL book. 

September 2021

  • Our first real-live meeting is scheduled. Fingers crossed and know on wood that we won’t have to cancel it because of Corona …

And if you want to read a little further on how it all began: We have translated the first three blog entries for your where you can read our „How-it-all-began-story“ in more detail. 


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